Last Chance BQ.2 – Grand Rapids. Your BEST CHANCE to qualify for Boston!

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See our FAQ page for specific race date instructions!

A race we designed specifically to give you a shot at getting to Boston in 2018. It’s September 9th and limited to 330 runners.

See our Qualifying times page for qualifying times. THERE IS A 4:30 TIME LIMIT. So beating your BQ time by 5 minutes means you’ll be able to register that Monday for Boston 2018! (Note: the BAA hasn’t announced registration dates for 2018 yet, so that last sentence is tentative) Brought to you by the same team from the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon As runners, we know how important Boston is to you. And we know what it takes to get there. We’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve helped THOUSANDS of runners get there in our 10 years with the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon. And for 2017, we’re here to help you get there with a race focused completely on getting you to Boston 2018. CONTACT US WITH QUESTIONS donkern1@gmail.com, 616 293 3145

HOTELS The closest hotels are downtown. Look for hotels near “475 Lake Michigan Dr NW, Grand Rapids, MI” We don’t have a host hotel. The downtown hotels are about 2 miles from the race site.

MILLENNIUM PARK We’re at the The Meadows at Millennium Park off Maynard.

What: Last Chance BQ.2 Marathon

LcBqLogoGR1An early September Marathon designed to help runners meet a very specific goal. Another race innovation from your friends at the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon and the Fox Valley Marathon Races.

Why: To give you one last, best shot at getting into Boston 2018

timeclockBecause of the growing popularity of the marathon distance, and the early registration schedule for the Boston Marathon, registration is again likely to close for 2018 before the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon is held on October 15, leaving a lot of runners disappointed. Our new Last Chance BQ.2 Marathon is here to give runners back that opportunity.

When: Saturday, September 9, 2017 7:00am

The weekend before Boston  Registration opens, one week before the Fox Valley Marathon, and six weeks before the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon.

Where: Grand Rapids, Michigan, Millennium Park, The Meadows pavilion.

A very scenic, mostly flat course with a few gently rolling hills in the east half of Millennium Park.

Who: Limited to a field of 330 runners who are within reach of qualifying for the BAA Boston Marathon

runnersDue to limited field capacity, only runners with appropriate 13.1 or 26.2 finish times will be accepted. See our Eligibility page for details.  Please ONLY enter if you believe you’ll be able to run a Boston Qualifier!

Check out our REASONS TO RUN   Take one last shot at 2018 Boston with an experienced race team whose goal is to do everything possible to get you and 329 other runners to the 2018 starting line in Hopkinton. Now, with 2 qualifier marathons over 5 weeks, you have an option, whether you want a last chance to get to the upcoming Boston 2018 or run the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon and qualify for 2019